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welcome to my website. Below you'll find some of my articles and publications. there are also some research projects i'm doing right now. I would be more than happy if you give me your ideas about them. please feel free to e-mail me should you have any question or comments.
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dr.ahmad hashemi


    Dr. Seyed Ahmad Hashemi is a professor in Islamic Azad University of Lamerd in Iran. He is the educational deputy in Islamic Azad University now. He has written more than 80 articles in different journals and conferences. He has also conducted 8 research plans, and he has published 45 books. He has also been a referee and consultant of scientific issues in research organizations in Iran. His particular areas of interest are: curriculum development, and educational issues.


Date of Birth: 1974

Place of Birth: Lamerd, Fars, Iran

Marital Status: Married



Address :Deputy of Education, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd, Fars, Iran